Friday, 12 September 2014

The house

WALT: use varied sentence beginnings and lengths. I think I did well at describing the house. I think I need to work on making it longer.

The house’s paint was peeling furiously and mostly covered in rusty old brown. Its door was a bit peeled too, but mostly painted green. You could tell that the window’s glass was replaced becouse the look on it looked cleaner and did not blend in with the house. Relaxing the grass was the whistling wind flying slowly; this made the loose tiles on the roof mumble like they were talking. 

 Everything was ok and comfy - ish. Everything was ok to use. There was no TV. No stove. No plugs. So far no electricity, bad; everyone likes TV. Then I saw that there was no tap or taps for the bathtub. I was amazed that the house had no electricity for the bathtub.Everything was ok, for a crazy person.Looks like a big mess, like you are livin in a rubbish can.

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