Wednesday, 30 July 2014


We were learning to write a recount about the stom in the holidays. I think I did well at puting a hook on the end. I think I need to work on short and long sentences.

 “Oh,no” I screamed unhappily as my umbrella turned inside out then the sky's tears slowly dripped down my pale and wrinkled face. Bang!, I jumped next I knew I was racing to my mothers house puffing for air. My jelly legs only took a tendency wency tiny step, and do you know what happened next? I flopped to to the polished floor “o man” I cried tiredly. I crawled to my white door to my white room. Then I flopped slowly on my bed and relaxed my chocolate eyes. Bam! I woke to my surprise my window was flung open I squeezed tightly into my fluffy blanket with questions racing around in my head, is there a monster in the house? did the wind blew it open? are the blue rain drops going to flood my room? The last question made me get up and close the suspicious window then I raced to my bed. Then hid under my fluffy purple blanket with my head tucked in then suddenly, I fell asleep then I heard a pitter patter on the bumper roof like a tiny piece of a hammer hitting a nail over and over. And the next thing I knew I was asleep. So lets just go to sleep. Good night.

Friday, 25 July 2014

5 and more

Today we were learning to  do some six time tables and used our 5 times tables to help us. I think I did well at saying it. I think I need to work on making it not this easy.