Friday, 12 September 2014

The house

WALT: use varied sentence beginnings and lengths. I think I did well at describing the house. I think I need to work on making it longer.

The house’s paint was peeling furiously and mostly covered in rusty old brown. Its door was a bit peeled too, but mostly painted green. You could tell that the window’s glass was replaced becouse the look on it looked cleaner and did not blend in with the house. Relaxing the grass was the whistling wind flying slowly; this made the loose tiles on the roof mumble like they were talking. 

 Everything was ok and comfy - ish. Everything was ok to use. There was no TV. No stove. No plugs. So far no electricity, bad; everyone likes TV. Then I saw that there was no tap or taps for the bathtub. I was amazed that the house had no electricity for the bathtub.Everything was ok, for a crazy person.Looks like a big mess, like you are livin in a rubbish can.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

How do you make a sock puppet ?

WALT: to write a explanation writing. I think I did well at the end where I tell about his brother and sister. I think I need to work on putting making the font the same size.

Monday, 1 September 2014

monument recount

WALT: to go to a pace and write a better recount. I think I did well at describing the things I see. I think I need to work on making what I see more inserting.
I remember when Miss Nicola took room 4 up monument hill on 18.8.14 ( Monday ). I was nine when it happened. When we reached the top of the hill the view was amazing there was so much amazing things in the view that even an artist wooden have a chance  to paint it.Whoosh went the the tiny speedy cars as they raced slowly. Suddenly I saw the weirdest tree ever, it was a red tree, only one red tree. I was astonished. Then I looked again, one of the trees looked like carrot tops. The hills look like green sandy deserts.I looked closer,  one of the hills had a sandy strip down its side, then I decided to name it Strip, I was amazed I really named a hill. Suddenly, I heard the soft tweet of the birds.Then the fresh air relaxed all our tired bodies, excepted are growling tummies. I looked one last time, a sharp but short pencil  pointed to the white string in the sky, and the gates were so tiny that you could only see a little bit of them. “ Time to walk along people” yelled Miss Nicola happily, and we walked excitedly along to the next path Miss Nicola was planing. Suddenly, we were walking with,  on or in nature.Then Miss Nicola gave Chanelle the ipad to take photos. Chanelle mostly took photos of  me and Adrianna together. ( Adrianna is my BFF. ) Then we walked all the way down back to the school. On Wednesday Miss Nicola told us that are writing was awesome so she told us that she would take us other places once a week. ( Miss Nicola if you are reading this to me you are the best teacher ever. )     

Monday, 18 August 2014

Eagle Women

 we were learning to have fun and create a way to work and have fun at the same time. I think I did well at the story. But I think I need to work on making the story more short.

Friday, 15 August 2014

how your heart works

WALT: to find out how the heart works.I think I did well at putting it in my own words. I think I need to work on finding new photo.

That was summer

WALT use other authors as teachers. I think I did well with the first slide and the last slide. I think I need to work on puting less describing words in.